Zoila Chavez of Flipping Out – Life Story and Net Worth

Zoila Chavez is a reality TV star who worked for Jeff and Gage on Flipping Out. She acted as Monroe’s surrogate grandmother, and was a part of the family from season one to season 10. After the series ended, Zoila Chavez went on to become a household name on Bravo TV.

In addition to her role on the popular show, Chavez is also an active member of the real estate industry.

Zoila Chavez Flipping Out

Former housekeeper and surrogate grandmother of Monroe, Zoila Chavez has become one of the most famous faces of the Bravo television show Flipping Out. After working as the housekeeper for the couple for 18 years, Zoila Chavez was a full-time employee and the Director of In-House Operations for the show. She joined the cast of Flipping Out in 2007, but her acting career began earlier than she initially thought. She has also appeared on Cheer Perfection, Interior Therapy, and The Jeff Probs Show, which have earned her a net worth of $500 thousand dollars.

Although she worked as a housekeeper for many years, Zolia Chavez is most known for her role in the show, and has become a favorite among her fellow cast members. Despite being a housekeeper, Chavez also works part-time as a designer in a shoe factory. In the show, Chavez is seen pushing back and is often fired for being pushy. In season nine, Chavez was almost fired from Lewis’ house. However, she returned to work part-time for the show.

Zoila Chavez Bio

The first thing that you should know about Zoila Chavez is her background. She is Nicaraguan and was born and raised in Nicaragua. After divorce, she moved to the US. Her first job was to clean Jeff Lewis’ houses and became the director of in-house operations for him. In 1996, she became a US citizen. She now lives with her three daughters and two brothers. In the early season of Flipping Out, Zoila Chavez was the guest judge.

She was part of the Flipping Out family for seasons one through ten. During her time on the show, Zoila was Jeff Lewis’ BFF. She eventually left the show after the 10th season, causing many rumors that she would never return. In the midst of all the speculations, Jeff revealed her departure in a SiriusXM show. Zoila Chavez Bio and Cast of Flipping Out.

Zoila Chavez Net Worth

If you’re looking to find out about Zoila Chavez’s net worth, you’ve come to the right place. This celebrity’s net worth is estimated, so you can find out how much she earns, as well as her height, age, dating and relationship history. You can also learn about her career, her net worth, her salary and income, and whether she owns any cars. Here’s how she came to be where she is today.

Born in 1950, Zoila Chavez is a Nicaraguan citizen. She has three daughters and seven grandchildren. She enjoys listening to hip hop and watching telenovelas. Her net worth is estimated to be $75,000, which is significantly less than the average Hollywood star. She lives in the Los Angeles suburb of Koreatown with her daughter. She is known for her youthful appearance and has undergone various plastic surgery procedures.

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