Factors to Consider When Buying Storage Shelves for Garage

To make your garage more organized, you can get storage shelves for garage. They can be divided into different levels and are made from durable MDF boards. Besides, you can adjust the height of each tier, and you can also divide the shelf into two parts, thus making it more convenient to use.

Moreover, they are rustproof and smooth, so they can provide years of service. But you have to consider some important factors before you make your purchase.

The Many Different Types of Storage Shelves

You have many options for your garage shelving. You can purchase freestanding or wall-mounted units, depending on the size of your garage. Freestanding units provide more mobility and space, but they take up a lot of floor space. Freestanding units are available in wood or metal, and can be constructed using various types of materials. Wall-mounted units are attached to studs and utilize metal brackets. They are sturdy and secure, and are perfect for storing large items.

Wire and wood shelves are both strong materials, but they can only hold a limited amount of weight. Although wire shelves can hold a lot of weight, they are also prone to splinters and rust, so you should not store small items on them. Wooden shelves are less expensive and can often be patched by hand if they get scratched or dented. Different types of storage shelves for garage vary in price, depending on the material, size, quality, and brand.

Picking the Right Shelves for a Garage

There are several types of garage shelving that you can buy. You can buy single shelves or sets of three or four. They can be placed around the garage and are a great way to keep items off the floor. Make sure you choose storage shelves that are sturdy and are made of plastic as this will prevent your items from slipping or sagging. The most common size is 18 inches, though larger shelves are available as well.

Wall mounted shelves are the best choice for small garages because they are easily accessible and do their job well. They come in two packs, so you can put them together or apart. Installing them is simple and quick. Choose a shelf that has a weight capacity of 250 lbs per shelf. If you have a heavy piece of equipment or tools, wall-mounted shelves might not be the best solution. If your garage is not large enough for a floor-mounted rack, you can use shelves with bolt-down bases.

How to Measure Space for Storage Shelves

When installing garage shelving, you must measure the vertical space between the ceiling and the first shelf in order to make sure that there is sufficient height between them. Depending on the item you want to place on the shelf, you may want to install shelves that are equally spaced or choose to put some space narrower and some wider. When measuring the space between shelves, make sure to add a couple of inches to the highest item to account for the space that the shelf will take up.

When installing garage storage shelves, the height of the ceiling must be at least two feet above the floor. The depth of the shelves should be at least 12 inches to prevent items from falling or getting lost. In addition, a good garage storage shelf should be deep enough so that you can easily access the items that you want to place on it. If your garage is shallow, use a shelf with a depth of at least 16 inches. Similarly, choose adjustable shelves for garage shelving to maximize the amount of space you have available. You should also install multiple shelves to prevent stacking items too high.

Home Depot vs Lowes for Buying Shelves

Comparing the prices of storage shelves for the garage at Home Depot and Lowes can help you determine which one is better for your needs. While both home improvement and hardware stores offer similar prices, some features set them apart. For example, both stores have high ceilings and wide shelves, but the latter has a more expansive selection. You can also find special deals and discounts at the store, particularly on items that cost more than $1,500.

Both Home Depot and Lowe’s have free weekend workshops, but the latter doesn’t offer this. They also offer power tools for rent, including tile saws and floor strippers. Lowe’s also has skilled tradespeople available to install the shelves, so if you’re a first-time DIYer, you can hire a professional to install them for you. But even if you don’t plan on using them yourself, they can help you decide which store is the best for you.

The Real Cost of Garage Storage Shelves

The cost of garage storage shelves depends on the material used and its size. Generally, high-quality material will cost more, but will last for decades. Garage organizers can range in price from $50 to $1,000. There are various types of shelves, including freestanding units, add-on units for cabinets, and wall-mounted shelves. They are ideal for small spaces because of their convenience for displaying items. If you are unsure about what type of garage storage shelves will work best for your space, consider installing premade units.

Freestanding garage shelving is less expensive than a custom-made unit. These are not as neat, but they do not require any tools. You can choose from plastic, metal, or steel shelving. Depending on the size of your garage, you can also choose from adjustable or fixed shelves. For small garages, overhead shelving is an excellent option. It hangs down from the ceiling to accommodate any height you need. If you’re handy, consider installing a tool cabinet or work bench that combines storage with work space.

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