Moving to New Jersey

Your Ultimate Guide: Smooth Transition Moving to New Jersey

If you’re planning on moving to New Jersey, congratulations! This beautiful state is known for its stunning beaches, bustling cities, and friendly residents. However, relocating to a new state can be overwhelming, and a smooth transition is crucial for a successful move. That’s where our guide comes in – we’ve compiled everything you need to know to make your move to New Jersey stress-free and seamless.

From the best places to move in New Jersey, to tips for finding reliable moving services, to exploring the state’s attractions and activities, we’ve got you covered. Our guide also includes important information on the cost of living, education and schools, healthcare facilities, employment opportunities, transportation options, and local culture and community.

Moving to New Jersey

Key Takeaways:

  • Moving to New Jersey can be exciting, but a smooth transition is crucial for success.
  • Our guide provides comprehensive information on everything you need to know when moving to New Jersey.
  • We cover the best places to move, cost of living, moving tips, available moving companies, attractions and activities, education and schools, healthcare facilities, employment opportunities, transportation options, and local culture and community.

Best Places to Move in New Jersey

If you’re considering relocating to New Jersey, you’re in luck! The state has several attractive places to move to, each with its unique charm and character. Here are some of the best places to consider when moving to New Jersey.

CityPopulationMedian Home PriceAttractions
Princeton31,000$784,000Princeton University, The Princeton Art Museum, Princeton Battlefield State Park
Montclair39,000$648,000Montclair Art Museum, Presby Iris Gardens, The Wellmont Theater
Hoboken55,000$785,000Pier A Park, Hoboken Historical Museum, Carlo’s Bakery
Jersey City265,000$596,000Liberty State Park, Statue of Liberty National Monument, Ellis Island Museum
Chatham Borough9,000$933,000Chatham Farmers’ Market, The Chatham Playhouse, Cougar Field

Princeton is a charming town with a rich history and home to one of the country’s most renowned universities, Princeton University. Montclair is a dynamic community with a thriving arts scene and a variety of cultural offerings. Hoboken is located along the Hudson River, with stunning views of the New York City skyline and plenty of dining and entertainment options. Jersey City is a bustling urban center with easy access to New York City and a host of attractions, including Liberty State Park. Chatham Borough is a small, close-knit community with excellent schools and a strong sense of community pride.

These are just some of the best places to consider when moving to New Jersey. Each location has its unique advantages, and you can choose one that best fits your lifestyle and preferences.

Best places to move in New Jersey

Cost of Living in New Jersey

Moving to a new state can be an exciting adventure, but it’s important to consider the cost of living in your new location. New Jersey is known for its high cost of living, but it also offers many advantages that make the cost worth it.

Housing: One of the biggest expenses in New Jersey is housing. The average home price in New Jersey is around $329,000, which is higher than the national average. If you plan to rent, the average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment in New Jersey is around $1,400.

New JerseyNational Average

Transportation: Another significant expense to consider is transportation. New Jersey has a well-developed transportation system, including buses, trains, and highways. However, the cost of owning and operating a car in New Jersey is higher than the national average. The average annual cost of owning a car in New Jersey is around $9,200.

Groceries: The cost of groceries in New Jersey is also higher than the national average. The average annual grocery cost for a family of four in New Jersey is around $13,100, compared to the national average of $12,600.

Healthcare: Healthcare costs in New Jersey are also higher than the national average, with an average annual cost of around $6,500 per person.

Cost of living in New Jersey

Overall, the cost of living in New Jersey is higher than the national average. However, the state also offers many benefits that make it an attractive place to live, such as excellent schools, diverse communities, and a variety of recreational opportunities. It’s important to carefully consider your budget and plan accordingly when moving to New Jersey.

Moving Tips for New Jersey

Relocating to a new state can be an overwhelming experience, but with the right preparation, it can be a smooth and stress-free process. Here are some moving tips to consider when moving to New Jersey:

Create a Moving Checklist

Before you start packing, create a moving checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything important. List down all the tasks that need to be accomplished before the move, such as changing your mailing address, transferring utilities, and closing bank accounts. Having a checklist can keep you organized and help you stay on track during the move.

Hire Professional Movers

Consider hiring professional movers to assist you in your move. Research reliable moving companies in New Jersey and read through customer reviews. Look for a moving company that offers additional services such as packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, and storage facilities. Hiring professionals can save you time and hassle, and provide peace of mind that your belongings are in good hands.

Declutter Before Packing

Before you start packing, take the time to declutter your belongings. Donate or sell items that you no longer need or want to minimize the items you’ll need to transport. Decluttering can also help you save money in moving costs and make the move more manageable.

Choose the Right Time to Move

Consider the time of year you’re planning to move to New Jersey. Summer is typically the busiest season for moving, so prices may be higher and availability may be limited. Consider moving during off-peak seasons like fall and winter to save money and have more options in timing.

Prepare for the Climate

New Jersey experiences a range of weather conditions throughout the year, including hot and humid summers, cold and snowy winters, and mild spring and autumn weather. Prepare for the climate by researching the weather patterns in your new location, and packing appropriate clothing and gear.

NJ Moving Checklist

By following these moving tips and being prepared for your move to New Jersey, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free transition.

New Jersey Moving Companies

When it comes to moving to a new place, hiring a reliable moving company is crucial. New Jersey has a wealth of moving services available, making it important to carefully consider your options for a smooth transition. To help you make the best decision for your needs, here are some of the top moving companies to consider in New Jersey:

Company NameServices ProvidedContact Information
North American Van LinesFull-service residential and commercial movingWebsite:
All Jersey Moving & StorageResidential and commercial moving, packing, and storageWebsite:
Vector Movers NJResidential and commercial moving, packing, and storageWebsite:

These companies have a proven track record of providing reliable and high-quality moving services in New Jersey. They can help you with every aspect of your move, from packing and loading to transportation and unloading.

When choosing a moving company, it’s important to consider factors such as their experience, reputation, and pricing. You should also check their licenses and insurance to ensure that they are a legitimate and trustworthy business.

By hiring a reputable moving company in New Jersey, you can rest assured that your transition to your new home will be a success.

New Jersey Moving Companies

Exploring New Jersey: Attractions and Activities

New Jersey is a state filled with exciting attractions and activities to explore. Whether you’re a nature lover, history buff, or foodie, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

One of the most iconic attractions in New Jersey is the Atlantic City Boardwalk. This historic boardwalk offers miles of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, including casinos, arcades, and amusement park rides. Take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the ocean views, or try your luck at one of the many casinos.

If you prefer a more natural setting, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is a must-see destination. This scenic park offers hiking trails, waterfalls, and opportunities for fishing, camping, and canoeing. It’s the perfect spot for a weekend getaway or a day trip with the family.

Attractions in New Jersey

For history lovers, the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall in Philadelphia, just a short drive from New Jersey, are must-see attractions. The Liberty Science Center in Jersey City is also a great destination for families with interactive exhibits and hands-on activities.

No trip to New Jersey is complete without trying the famous local cuisine. From boardwalk fries and funnel cakes to Italian hot dogs and pork roll sandwiches, New Jersey offers a unique culinary experience that is sure to satisfy any foodie.

With its rich cultural heritage and diverse community, New Jersey offers endless opportunities for exploration and entertainment. Whether you’re interested in outdoor activities, historic landmarks, or delicious food, there’s something for everyone to discover in the Garden State.

Education and Schools in New Jersey

If you have children, one of your top concerns when moving to New Jersey is likely the quality of education they will receive. Luckily, the state is known for its excellent education system, with highly regarded public and private schools at all levels.

New Jersey has one of the highest graduation rates in the country, and its students consistently score above the national average on standardized tests. The state also boasts a number of top-ranked colleges and universities, including Princeton University, Rutgers University, and The College of New Jersey, to name a few.

When researching schools in New Jersey, it’s important to consider factors such as class size, teacher qualifications, extracurricular activities, and academic programs. You may also want to explore specialized schools or programs that cater to your child’s interests or needs.

For families with young children, New Jersey has an extensive network of preschool and daycare centers, many of which are accredited and meet high standards of care and education.

Overall, you can feel confident that your child will receive a high-quality education in New Jersey, with plenty of options to choose from.

Schools in New Jersey

Healthcare and Medical Facilities in New Jersey

New Jersey boasts of a high-quality healthcare system, with a wide range of medical facilities and services available. The state is home to numerous hospitals, clinics, and specialized treatment centers that offer top-notch medical care to residents.

Whether you need routine check-ups or specialized treatments, you can rest assured that you’ll find the right medical provider in New Jersey. The state is home to some of the best medical facilities in the country, including Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Hackensack University Medical Center, and Morristown Medical Center.

In addition to these large hospitals, there are also many smaller clinics and medical offices throughout the state that provide quality care. Whether you need a general practitioner, a specialist, or urgent care, you’ll find plenty of options in New Jersey.

Medical facilities in New Jersey

The state has a wide range of health services, including mental health care, dental care, and rehabilitation services. Many healthcare providers in New Jersey also offer telemedicine services, which have become increasingly popular due to the pandemic.

Overall, healthcare in New Jersey is reliable, accessible, and high-quality. With so many options available, you can find the right medical provider to meet your needs and ensure that you and your family stay healthy.

Employment and Job Opportunities in New Jersey

New Jersey is a vibrant state with a diverse economy that provides many job opportunities for its residents. The state has a highly educated workforce and is home to many major industries, including pharmaceuticals, finance, technology, and healthcare.

The job market in New Jersey is strong, with an unemployment rate of 6.1%, which is lower than the national average. The state also offers competitive salaries and benefits, making it an attractive location for job seekers.

Some of the top job opportunities in New Jersey include:

  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Government

There are also many small businesses and startups in New Jersey, providing entrepreneurial opportunities for those looking to start their own business.

It is important for job seekers to research the various industries and companies in New Jersey and create a strong resume and cover letter. Networking is also key in the job market, with many opportunities to attend job fairs and industry events.

Job opportunities in New Jersey

Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting out in your career, New Jersey has many job opportunities to offer. With its strong economy and diverse industries, the state is a great place to live and work.

Transportation and Commuting in New Jersey

If you’re moving to New Jersey, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the transportation options available in the state. Whether you’re commuting to work or exploring the area, getting around efficiently can make a big difference in your daily life.

New Jersey has a range of transportation options, including buses, trains, and highways. The state is well-connected, with easy access to major cities like New York and Philadelphia.

One popular option for commuting in New Jersey is the NJ Transit system. This public transportation system operates buses and trains throughout the state, making it easy to get to work, school, or other destinations. The NJ Transit website offers schedules, maps, and other helpful resources for planning your trips.

If you prefer to drive, New Jersey’s highways provide a convenient way to travel throughout the state and beyond. However, be prepared for heavy traffic during rush hour and other peak times.

If you’re moving to a more rural area of New Jersey, you may need to rely on a personal vehicle for transportation. Be sure to research car insurance options and compare rates to ensure you have the coverage you need.

Transportation in New Jersey

No matter your transportation needs, it’s important to plan ahead and stay informed of any changes or delays. By taking advantage of the available options and staying flexible, you can navigate New Jersey’s transportation network with ease.

Local Culture and Community in New Jersey

New Jersey is a state with a rich and diverse culture. It is home to people from all walks of life, creating a unique and welcoming community that is open to all.

One of the most prominent aspects of the local culture in New Jersey is its celebration of food. With a long history of Italian, Irish, Jewish, and other ethnic influences, the state boasts an impressive culinary scene. From the famous pork roll sandwich to fresh seafood and pizza, there is something to satisfy every palate. The annual Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival highlights some of the state’s best cuisine, attracting visitors from all over.

Community involvement is another vital aspect of New Jersey’s culture. Residents take pride in their neighborhoods and work together to improve them. Volunteering is a popular activity, with many opportunities to give back to the community. The New Jersey Marathon, which takes place in April every year, exemplifies the state’s collaborative spirit. Runners, volunteers and spectators come together to create an unforgettable event that brings the community together.

The state is also known for its cultural diversity. There are numerous events throughout the year that celebrate the various ethnic groups that call New Jersey home. The Brazil Day Newark Festival, the Diwali Festival of Lights, and the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade are just a few examples of the multicultural celebrations that take place in the state.

With its rich culture, welcoming community, and diverse events and festivals, New Jersey is an exciting place to call home. Whether you’re looking to explore new foods, get involved in community activities, or celebrate different cultures, there’s always something to enjoy in this vibrant state.

Community in New Jersey


As you embark on your journey of moving to New Jersey, remember that a smooth transition is essential for a successful relocation. We hope that our comprehensive guide has provided valuable insights and information to help make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

From exploring the best places to move in New Jersey, to understanding the cost of living and finding reliable moving services, our guide covers everything you need to know. With recommendations for local attractions, schools, healthcare facilities, and job opportunities, you’ll be well-equipped to settle into your new home in the Garden State.

We encourage you to use this guide as a go-to resource throughout your moving process. It’s our goal to ensure that you have all the information you need to make a seamless transition to New Jersey. Best of luck with your move, and welcome to your new home!


Q: What are some of the best places to move in New Jersey?

A: New Jersey offers a variety of great places to live, including cities like Jersey City and Newark, as well as suburban areas like Princeton and Montclair.

Q: How much does it cost to live in New Jersey?

A: The cost of living in New Jersey can vary depending on the area, but overall, it tends to be higher than the national average. Housing, transportation, and healthcare are among the main expenses to consider.

Q: What are some moving tips for New Jersey?

A: Some important moving tips for New Jersey include researching and hiring reliable moving services, creating a moving checklist, and organizing your belongings efficiently for a smooth transition.

Q: Are there any recommended moving companies in New Jersey?

A: Yes, there are several reputable moving companies in New Jersey. It’s important to research and compare different companies to find the one that best suits your needs.

Q: What attractions and activities can I explore in New Jersey?

A: New Jersey offers a wide range of attractions and activities, including beautiful beaches, national parks, cultural events, and bustling cities. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Q: What are the education options in New Jersey?

A: New Jersey is known for its excellent education system, with a variety of public and private schools as well as renowned colleges and universities.

Q: How is the healthcare system in New Jersey?

A: The healthcare system in New Jersey is well-developed, with numerous hospitals, clinics, and specialized medical facilities. Access to quality healthcare is readily available.

Q: What are the job opportunities like in New Jersey?

A: New Jersey boasts a diverse economy with opportunities in various industries, including finance, healthcare, technology, and more. Job seekers can find a range of options in the state.

Q: What are the transportation options in New Jersey?

A: New Jersey offers a variety of transportation options, including public transportation systems like trains and buses, as well as well-connected highways for easy commuting.

Q: What is the local culture and community like in New Jersey?

A: New Jersey is known for its vibrant and diverse culture, with a strong sense of community. Residents are welcoming and there are numerous local activities and events to get involved in.

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