7 Design Tips to Create Better Structure With Your Storage Shelves

There are some things in our homes that we love and would like our visitors to see them. But sometimes, we don’t know how to display those items or how to achieve that professional touch or design that makes the display captivating.

In this article, you’ll learn seven tips to get a better structure with your storage shelves and get the perfect display that appeals to the eyes.

Have a Story To Tell

One of the most important things to consider about creating a better structure with your storage shelves is to tell a story through a display of the things you love. When you stick to displaying the things you love, a specific theme will start to appear. It makes your shelves look well thought out and visually appealing. The themes you could consider are your favorite colors, objects, items within the same genre, vintage items, books, etc. 

If you love traveling, and you love a particular culture, you can display the items or souvenirs you collect from that region. If you collect items from different cultures, you can always arrange them to accommodate the different cultures. Also, you could display items from one culture and change to a different one after some time. 

Don’t Install Open Shelves Everywhere

We all want some extra storage. So an open shelf here and there with some storage basket usually seem like the perfect solution for that extra storage. But, does it help to create a better structure in your home? To create a better structure with your storage, you need to limit the shelves you have in your living space. 

If you have one standing open shelf used as a room divider, open shelf desk, or a wall unit, it should be enough for a room. If you want to install open shelves in your kitchen, install them to break up between the cabinets. Open shelves compliments kitchen cabinets if you don’t go overboard with them.

Create a Sense of Balance and Visual Interest 

Irrespective of the type of structure you want to create, creating balance is vital. Without balance, your shelving structure may appear crammed and cluttered. Creating balance is all about projecting a larger visual impact through decorative layers of your shelf. It can be achieved by alternating small decorative pieces with larger ones. 

Use accessories that would make anyone run their eyes upward and downward for better visual impact. One way to achieve this is to pick larger decorations first, then compliment them with smaller ones to fill up the spaces.

Allow Some Negative Space

Try as you can to avoid cluttered shelves by using some negative space. When decorating your shelves, it’s not always necessary to place something styled on every single spot. Allow the shelf to breathe. If one shelf is heavily decorated, keep the other one partly bare. Creating balance, as mentioned before, isn’t always about placing decor items on every space. If you’re familiar with the minimalist approach, think clean lines, neutral hues, and minimal decor.

Use Your Shelf To Add Color To Your Room

Add scads of bright colors to your shelf to give it an upbeat, cheerful look. You can use colorful items like vases, bowls, mugs, and faux flowers, and even candles for that. You can also paint the shelf a different color and display high contrast items like black, red, or royal blue on white. Wallpapers can also be used to cover the back of your shelf for pattern, color, and design.

Use The Rule of Three 

When you group three different decor pieces, it can make your shelf structure more appealing. The idea behind the rule of three is to play with texture, design, and dimension. In implementing the rule of three, select items that are dimensionally different. Ensure that they all have a different texture. For example, glass and metal, ceramic, and wood. Also, they should vary in height to create the layers. Another plus to the rule of three is that it doesn’t make your shelves look cluttered.

Duplicate The Same Shelf Structure

If you have more than one shelf in the same space, it’s okay to repeat decorative elements and accents. Repetition adds cohesiveness to the shelf decor, which makes the overall visual transition smooth and appealing. However, repetition can be a little tricky. You don’t want a shelving structure that looks dismal and conservative. Therefore, instead of having identical shelf decor items, focus on repetition in color, texture, and pattern.

If you have open shelving units installed in your home, it can be completely out there in plain view for everyone inside your home to see. Therefore, cluttered shelves would be an eyesore. So, whether you’re concerned about creating a better structure with the storage shelves in your kitchen or decorating the ones in your living room, you can follow the seven practical tips as provided above.

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