Bravo Flipping Out Cast – Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos

What is Bravo Flipping Out all about? Want to know the cast of the popular show? Read this article. You’ll learn about the cast members, including Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos. The cast of Bravo Flipping Out is made up of Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos.

They’ve been on the show for several seasons now, and have gained a large following in the process. Read on to learn about each member’s role and bio.

What is Bravo Flipping Out About?

What is the Bravo Flipping Out cast? Jeff Lewis is a businessman who runs his own real estate empire. His assistants include Jenni Pulos Nassos and Gage Edward. Earlier, the show featured Zoila Chavez as the housekeeper. Chavez retired after ten seasons on the show. These days, there are a number of assistants who help Jeff out with his projects.

In the last season, Flipping Out was cancelled due to a tiff between Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos. The two were friends for a while but ended up fighting and getting into a messy breakup. In the finale, Jeff Lewis fired Jenni after a difficult fallout. The show is no longer available, but fans can still watch episodes of the former couple. If you’re curious about who’s in the show, here are some facts about them.

The show was canceled after the season 11 finale, largely due to the non-renewal of Jeff Lewis’ contract. Currently, there are no plans to return. Many viewers will be upset that Jenni Pulos is no longer in the cast. She’s been missing from the show since her departure. And there’s a big question mark over her future on the show. She may be on her way out, but for now, it’s unclear.

Meet the Cast of Flipping Out

Before joining the cast of Bravo’s new reality series, Jenni Ferrell made her TV debut over a decade ago in the movie Come the Morning. She has since accrued over two dozen acting credits. However, since she was fired from the show, she has not appeared on television. Since then, however, she has been working on projects she is interested in. Here are some of the most notable members of the Bravo Flipping Out cast.

The show follows the life of “flipper” Jeff Lewis, who remodeled and sold properties in Seasons 1 and 2 and consulted clients on their renovation projects. Jeff Lewis is detail-oriented, which makes him a complete terror to his employees. His assistant and housekeeper have suffered for years under his wrath. Currently, he is suffering from an affair with his wife, Trace Lehnhoff.

Jeff Lewis

This season, the Bravo Flipping Out cast is more intense than ever. As the series progresses, Jeff is forced to deal with high-maintenance clients and the tension that often comes with them. He accuses Zoila of poisoning him, while forcing Jenni to assume the reins at her Buena Park project. Meanwhile, he struggles with another project, considering giving up the whole thing. However, when he uncovers some suspicious details about Ryan, he decides that he needs to confront his long-time friend.

During the season, Jeff Lewis has been involved with Gage Edward, the wife of one of his former partners on the show. The couple welcomed their daughter, Monroe Christine Lewis, via surrogate in December 2018. But soon after their split, Jeff Lewis and Gage had a difficult time adjusting to life as a single parent. Jeff has stayed in his family home, and Gage moved into a new apartment.

Jenni Pulos

A reality television personality, Jenni Pulos, has a net worth of $2.5 million. She became a sensation after she was hired as an assistant to real estate investor Jeff Lewis. Pulos, who is now a Bravo TV personality, appeared on several Bravo shows, including Flipping Out and Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis. Her career as an actor has spanned several decades. In addition to her role on Flipping Out, Pulos has worked as a voiceover artist, rapper, and actress.

A regular cast member of “Flipping Out,” Jenni Pulos rose through the ranks to become executive producer. She and Lewis were once close friends, working together on different projects. They have been working together on numerous projects since before the show became popular. After their mutual dismissal, they were still supportive of each other, even though they have since parted ways. While Jenni Pulos has been off television for a while, she has a busy schedule.

Zoila Chavez

If you’re a fan of “Flipping Out,” you probably remember Zoila Chavez. She was a surrogate grandmother on the show and worked for Jeff and Gage. While she was on the show, she almost got fired for not showing up to work one day. Now, she’s back, and it’s better than ever! Here are some things you might not have known about Zoila Chavez.

Jeff Lewis and Zoila Chavez recently parted ways. While Chavez was an amazing part of the Flipping Out cast, she is not as popular as the other cast members. She’s been rumored to leave the show to work for Tori Spelling, who is a longtime friend of the couple. However, the two have made up and Zoila is back in the cast!

The reality TV show “Flipping Out” has made Chavez a household name and she has a net worth of over $75,000 a year. While she is a part of the Bravo Flipping Out cast, she also works as a house cleaner in Nicaragua. Zoila Chavez has three daughters. Her divorced husband is a shoe designer, which is another reason why her salary is high.

Gage Edward

After a brief relationship on the Bravo TV show, former boyfriend Jeff Lewis has decided to move on with another man. Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward have been separated since March. During the show, Jeff and Gage Edward had a falling out over custody of their daughter, Monroe. Gage and Jeff are currently working on getting their relationship back on track. A new reality show is in the works. But what will happen to their relationship?

The exes’ daughter Monroe is now the focus of all eyes. The Bravo Flipping Out Cast has a new twist on their split. In an exclusive interview on Watch What Happens Live! With Andy Cohen, Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward discussed their split. The reality couple revealed that they are thinking of giving Monroe a sibling. In the meantime, Gage says he is carrying two embryos.

Vanina Alfaro

One of the stars of the hit show, Bravo Flipping Out, is the longtime employee of Jeff Lewis Design. She’s been unhappy with her job for over a year when Jeff Lewis suddenly erupts on the phone, blaming her for something she did wrong. After hearing this, Vanina has an emotional breakdown and starts to cry in the car. In the episode, Jeff offers to help her and the other cast members fix her home.

The two start working on the house together, but a misunderstanding between Jeff and Hania occurs when she argues over the price of light fixtures. Suddenly, Jeff starts taking issue with her spending habits. He’s been known to spend thousands of dollars on absurd items like water features, custom cat doors, and more. Vanina tries to set the record straight, but Jeff still doesn’t get the point.

Megan Weaver

When you think of “Television star”, you probably don’t think of Megan Weaver. In fact, she’s a model, having worked for the Ford Modeling Agency. But that’s exactly what she did before landing on television. While on the show, she became friends with Jeff Lewis, and the two even co-hosted a segment on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM channel. She was also once a model, and even modeled for Dolce & Gabbana for Flaunt Magazine.

Weaver started her career as an interior designer in 2007, when she happened to run into Jeff Lewis, the star of Bravo’s “Flipping Out” show. She told Jeff Lewis that her designs looked better than his, and he hired her to appear on the show. The show was so popular that she appeared in over 50 episodes, and today, she has her own interior design business. This is a great example of how one can use their talents to make a real estate investment that will increase the value of the property.

After eleven seasons on Bravo, Flipping Out is about to wrap up its final season. This may be the final season of the popular show, but fans are still excited for more episodes. It’s likely that viewers will tune in again for the final episodes to see who can flip the most houses in the shortest amount of time. It’s an empowering show for women, and we’ll all get to watch it in a new way thanks to Megan Weaver.

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